Well-being starts from the sea Well-being starts from the sea

Well-being starts from the sea

Everyone should treat themselves to a beach holiday in the summer.

Everyone should treat themselves to a beach holiday in the summer. It’s the ideal opportunity to rest, to recharge your batteries and - if you’re coming to Jesolo - to have fun at the events happening in the city between June and September. But there’s more to this.


Going to the beach is a real panacea for our health, but you need to make sure you’re choosing the right destination. First of all, opt for seaside resorts with clean beaches and pure waters: looking at the list of beaches awarded with the Blue Flag, including Jesolo, is a great way to be on the safe side. The main natural medicine is precisely sea water, offering many benefits to our body - let's learn more about this.


Benefits of sea water for skin, metabolism, the respiratory system and muscles


Skin health

Our skin is the first to benefit from sea water. The salts naturally present in sea water make our skin more toned, smoother, and therefore healthier and more beautiful. Specifically, people who suffer from rashes, eczema and psoriasis benefit from sea water, because silicic acid can indeed perform small miracles from this point of view.


Better metabolism

Doctors agree that walking in the water and swimming also brings benefits to our metabolism and blood circulation, thanks to the pleasant temperature of the water. It is no coincidence that athletes with tired legs often find great relief after some time spent in the water!


Decreased water retention

Seawater reduces water retention in two ways. On the one hand, it improves blood circulation; on the other, it eliminates excess liquids, thanks to osmosis due to the action of mineral salts.


Stronger immune system

Taking children to the beach is especially important because this environment strengthens the immune system, thanks to exposure to the sun and sea water, and the stimulation of vitamin D production.


Decreased muscle tension

What's better than swimming freely in the sea, taking a few strokes and then letting yourself be cradled by the waves? These gentle, massaging movements help muscles relax and improve joint mobility.


Hormonal well-being

The presence of iodine allows the regulation of hormone production, which can also be beneficial to improve functioning of the thyroid.


Breathe freely

Sea water contains substances such as potassium, sodium chloride, calcium, iodine and so on. These mineral salts are beneficial to our respiratory tract: it is no coincidence that walking along the beach is a frequent advice for people suffering from asthma.

What more can we say? The seaside is waiting for you in Jesolo, with lots of advantages for your body and, of course, also for your mind. A few days between our hotel and our beach will be enough to contrast the stress of everyday life!


Do you want to add an extra touch of well-being to your stay?

At Hotel Iris, you can find some rooms with private Jacuzzi or spa, a relaxation area with Black Soul Sauna and Zerobody beds by Starpool, as well as a magnificent panoramic Rooftop Gym where you can train while looking at the sea. We are waiting for you!

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