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Relaxation Area

In our new Relaxation Area, you will find in Jesolo Exclusive Novelties for your wellbeing and your relax.
Black Soul Sauna by Starpool and ZEROBODY® By Starpool.

Black SoulSauna
With its simple lines and its essentiality, SoulSauna’s elements live together in perfect harmony, making it a furniture suitable in any place. A particular wall covering made by black fir wood is tone on tone with the bench, creating a fascinating effect with the light. Enjoy our charming sauna, that ensures a perfect functioning. 

Wellbeing is a psychophysical condition based on a perfect balance between body and mind. 

Take time out to relax on ZEROBODYTM, the modern floating bed with an innovative design, which offers you an even more complete experience: listening to App NU RELAXTM tracks while you are floating on ZEROBODYTM in zero gravity conditions, leads you to weightlessness and amplifies the effect of meditation. 

ZEROBODYTM combines the benefits of floating in a revolutionary “dry” experience.
Let yourself relax and unwind on the water mattress: it will give you the impression, as if you were floating on a soft cloud. 

Without needing to steady control our body temperature and gravitational alignment, your body will start to unwind and your brain will have the chance to reach a new awareness thanks to “Nu Relax”, 6 audio-guides with neuroscientific programs recalling ancient contemplative traditions

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